Chen Style Tai Chi



The Tai chi club has been running at the Glenmore Centre since 1995 ran by Doug Gerrard who has this to say about the club.

I started my Tai Chi training in 1982 where I learnt initially the Long Yang style. The Tai chi style that is taught on Sundays is the Chen style Tai Chi.

This style is considered to be the original form of the major styles practices today. It contains two major sets, both of which are practised, the second one (Cannon ball fist) is only practiced by those who can do the first set.

We also practice some sticky hand techniques which are techniques that involve the sticking of hands between 2 opponents - this form of practice helps to generate sensitivity to different energies.

Again, these are not practiced until some understanding of the sets has been developed. The practice also includes the CHEN single and double broadsword forms.

The sets are demonstrated by showing the martial content of the technique, this will allow the practitioner to understand what the techniques are used for and will enable the practitioner to develop a mind or an imagination of the set.

The mind directs the energy, so by having an understanding of the techniques this will allow the energy to move. The CHEN sets that are practiced have in their content the slow motion that people associate with TAI CHI but develop points of energy releases or fast motions.

The combinations of these create a set that has both the dynamic representation and the softness that is inherent in all Tai Chi. The flowing of the set can be considered as moving ZEN, consequently breathing methods are inherent in the practice to help to allow the energy to flow - this is called CHI KUNG, the breath is the link between the mind and the body, because if the breath can not operate smoothly then the body will not move smoothly.

For more info contact Doug Gerrard on 01530 231304 or 07969 480684