Wellbeing Cafe

The Changes Group meet every Wednesday from 1 – 3pm and is a warm and friendly group for anyone who would like to get out and meet new people.

If you are feeling isolated, anxious or struggling with mental health issues the Changes Group is here to help you.

Over a cup of coffee and a biscuit come and meet new people, who are all in a similar situation and will not judge you. Each week we do different activities including crafts, cooking and gentle exercise.

It is just £1.50 per week and this covers all the refreshments and activities.

This is what some of our members think of Changes:- 

“It’s fun and I meet new people, do things and have a laugh.” 

“It’s nice to meet new people @ make friends.” 

“It’s safe, friendly and fun.” 


For more information call Victoria on 01509 650662 or simply drop in and see what we are up to.