Hiring The Glenmore Centre

 The building is well maintained with a fitted kitchen and recently modernised toilets. The Centre provides pleasant surroundings to meet in with facilities to match.

Private social bookings before 6pm               £12.50 per hour
Private social bookings after 6pm                  £17.00 per hour
Up to a maximum of                                         £93.00

Private social bookings from 3pm
(Max charge)                                                       £105.00
Private social bookings all day                        £130.00

 Commercial use per hour                                 £16.50 per hour
Affiliated groups per hour                               £3.60/£5.20 per hour

To book the Glenmore Centre, please download the information sheets and the booking form & return to the Glenmore Centre Manager Victoria Jacques.

Glenmore Centre Booking Form

Bar Hire Form

Conditions for Hiring Bar 

Fire Regulations for the Glenmore Centre